We take it the movie formally known as “Barbarian Princess” has piqued your interest in Princess Ka‘iulani and the circumstances depicted in the film. What’s real? What’s not? What are the implications for today?

What Are the Facts?

The new Princess Ka`iulani movie gets some things right, but gets many things wrong. Using the excuse of “poetic license” the Barbarian Princess discards accuracy for the sake of a sellable “story-line.” This means the producers were too lazy or arrogant or biased to study and appreciate the real story.

Here Are Some Basic Facts The Film Got Right -

1.There really was a Princess Ka`iulani.

2. She really was the Crown Princess, the heir to the throne of the

Hawaiian Kingdom.

3. She really was extraordinarily beautiful and highly intelligent.

4. She was definitely not a “barbarian” but a cultured, sophisticated young lady who, like the other monarchs of Hawai`i, had a deep and abiding love for her people.

5. A group of greedy white businessmen, led by Lorrin Thurston, Sanford Dole, et al conspired with the U.S. State Department and Department of War to seize Hawai`i by force of arms, for the purpose of annexing Hawai`i

to the U.S.

6. Princess Ka`iulani did go to Washington, D.C. to lobby on behalf of her country.

Here Are The Points That The Film Gets Wrong -

1.There is no mention that 90% of the population of Hawai`i was outraged at the overthrow of their government and organized strong opposition to annexation by the U.S.

2.There is no mention that President Grover Cleveland condemned the previous administration’s government officials for blatantly violating the sovereignty of Hawai`i.

3.It fails to mention that Congress never lawfully annexed Hawai`i; and that the two times the U.S. tried, the annexation treaty failed to get approved by congress.

4.There is no mention that Hawaiian diplomatic protests and reasoned, organized, peaceful resistance in Hawai`i succeeded in defeating annexation in Washington — twice.

5.There is no mention that Cleveland sought to reinstate Queen Lili`uokalani and the lawful Hawaiian government.

6.There is no mention that frustrated by the Hawaiian resistance, the U.S. Congress resorted to illegal legislation, and the cover of the Spanish-American War, to forcefully seize (“annex”) Hawai`i.

7.There is no mention that foreign nations that held treaties with Hawai`i abandoned Hawai`i to fend for itself against the U.S.

8.There is no mention that even after the illegal “annexation,” most Hawaiians of that generation still considered themselves loyal subjects of the Hawaiian Kingdom and rejected U.S. citizenship.

9.There is no mention that the actions of Queen Lili`uokalani, Princess Ka`iulani and the thousands of loyal Hawaiian patriots, prevented the Hawaiian Kingdom from being extinguished.

There is no mention that today, there is a significant movement to restore freedom to Hawai`i and that it is based on the legacy laid by Queen Lili`uokalani, Princess Ka`iulani and the thousands of loyal Hawaiian patriots who stood their ground.

We’re Glad The Producers Of This Movie Changed The Name From “Barbarian Princess” To “Princess Ka`iulani.”  Too Bad They Didn’t Correct Their Other Mistakes.